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Vision Statement

"Fayette County is the place where bold ideas become reality. We shall acheive this through our collaborative and inclusive leadership that elevates education, economic development, employment opportunities, and quality of life, to unrivaled heights."

The residents, businesses, and leaders of Fayette County have come together to create a vision and plan for the next five years. Successful communities must define their own way forward, and the Fayette vision is a bold, actionable, and unifying blueprint for enhanced quality of life and increased economic vibrancy. The research and planning portion of the process occurred over a seven month period, and was heavily informed by public input, stakeholder perspectives, and community involvement. Leveraging Fayette County's excellent education system, diversity of communities, and advantageous location, the vision provides a foundation for future prosperity. Beginning in January 2015, four citizen-led implementation committees have begun the work of making the vision become reality.

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Fayette Vision Plan June 2014
Competitive Assessment - 1.24.14
Fayette FAQs - 05.22.14

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